The association is safeguarding and promoting the Taipei European School’s (TES) German section’s budget in order to ensure quality schooling in compliance with the according regulations of the German curriculum as well as support of development and growth of the TES German Section.

The funding of the TGSEA is done via corporate memberships of companies located in Taiwan who are interested in German language teaching in Taiwan and volunteering donations by individuals and corporations.

But TGSEA’s ambition is not only to provide funds for the school development. The association is also a sounding board and discussion partner of the German Section´s Board in order to ensure that funds are not only available in the right amount, but also that they are dispatched to where it makes most sense.

TGSEA offers corporate membership at an annual membership fee of NT 300.000. As a member, you have a seat in the board of TGSEA, where you can actively influence how funds are spent. Additionally, TGSEA is able to accept donations. Both are tax deductible as TGSEA is recognized and registered as a non-profit organization with the authorities in Taipei.