The TGSEA is a non-profit-seeking institution. The main target for the  long-term is to improve the conditions of the German Section in the TES by raising additional funding for selected projects.

Some examples for TGSEA support:

  • TGSEA helped to replace traditional blackboards with smart boards
  • TGSEA provided funds for the setup of a new classroom for the Kindergarten
  • TGSEA provided funds for the most successful marketing campaign of the German Section in order to promote the school to the broader public in Taipei

30th January 2016, open house at the German School with celebration to install a plate of TGSEAtgsea-sponsorship-group-photo



Smartboards in use since 2014dsc_0154

Balloons for the 25th anniversary celebration of the German School

foto225 year celebration of the German section 2015


TGSEA Board Meeting